Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bachelor Day 06

Another farewell:

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Good morning Juss, don't worry, its almost over. You have only another day & a half to go. Shall we call up the girls now? I'll tell you what, we'll send up Sankiro last and let you two have some private time afterwards.

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Francis didn't take the flirts very well... not that we can blame her.

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Anne wasn't thrilled either. Even I feel bad for her... even though deep down I'm thrilled.

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Ah, finally Sankiro. You two can have a moment of privacy while we go downstairs to visit with the other two girls. See you in a few shall we? Breakfast is in 30 minutes.

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Huh, now I didn't see that coming. Anne may be very upset with both Juss & Sankiro but she can't seem to get over how hot Juss is. Sims are weird.

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Francis: Did Juss kiss you yesterday?
Anne: Yes, it was very romantic. Why, did he kiss you too?
Francis: Yes, just before the pillow fights in the dorm. The jerk!

It's noon and time yet again to take a look at the relationship numbers.

3. 39/24
6. 100/98
7. 40/25

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Fifth casualty-elimination is #3 Anne Wise

Anne: I can't believe how I reacted. I mean, I was hurt by Juss, sure, but I slapped him! Do you think he will forgive me?
I can't believe you lost to the cow, too! *cell phone rings* Hello? You realize your interrupting the show? *pause* Yes, Mom's class starts in 5 minutes... and? *listening* You want me to what? Why do I have to go? I said what? Oh crap, I said that out loud! Fine, I'm on my way. *Guest host stomps away.*

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Anne: I really wanted things to work out with him, I mean he is just such a sweet guy. He's so handsome and romantic and everything a woman could want from a man. Other than the cheating part of course.

Group Date - Hot Tub
Announcer: Due to the lack of hosts, we have no documentation of the group hot tub date. Needless to say, the events did transpire and all 3 roommates were in attendance.

1 on 1 - Make Out
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Juss: Right about here I got real nervous. I have been toying with these women's emotions and it wasn't at all fair. I am deeply and madly in love with Sankiro, only I am under contract to proceed with certain events. Now if only she rejects a cuddle, I won't have to go through with the make out. Here goes nothing.

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Juss: Such a relief. Ya, she shot me down in record time. I got out of there fast in search of Sankiro. We needed to talk. I had to come clean with her before things went any further.

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Juss: There she is. Isn't she lovely? I don't know what to say. Where do I start?

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Sankiro: It's okay Juss, I know you kissed them both.
Juss: You do? How did you know?
Sankiro: I watched last season. I knew what I was getting in to before I signed up for this. I was just hoping it was you coming back and not Hugh Dowery like the rumors said.
Juss: I love you, Sankiro.
Sankiro: You better kiss me now, I think I've been patient long enough.

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Okay I'm back! Did you guys... miss... me? What in the hells? Go Juss! Ya, baby! Kick her buttocks!! Um, who is he fighting? I have some catching up to do.

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Ouch! Well that is what she gets for attacking a man with 3 body points. That had to hurt. *sensitivity class kicks in* Hey Francis, are you okay? Come on, lets go upstairs and hit the hot tub, leave these two alone. We don't have to watch them carry on.

*ring, ring*
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Juss: Hello? Hey Jack, yup it happened just like you warned me. I found her and then got caught. Just like you said I didn't care if the others found out. Tomorrow is the wedding, if she accepts. You will be there right? Mary, is she in any condition to join us? How is that baby girl of yours? Nice, see you then.

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i liked the phone call at the end, bery cute :)


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