Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 5

Alls well that ends well:

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Good morning Mary, you need to flirt… never mind I see you have everything under control. Um excuse me, you couldn’t bother to perhaps dress first? I see… well I see too much actually. Yes three flirts and move on… next!

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#3 Noel Edge, pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers and only 2 of 3 flirts. What gives mister? Okay so no caress for Noel. Your loss!

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Ah pink hearts at last, its about time you hold #6 Juan Love! You swoon over the lady but hold out on the hearts and you accept all three flirts, nicely done… next!

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What? We have to get these all in by noon, clocks a tickin’! Yes, #4 Buddy Toall, you get three flirts… no? You only accept 2 of 3… have you been speaking with Noel lately? What, no, no reason.

It's noon and time yet again to take a look at the relationship numbers.

3. 90/50
4. 90/50
5. 100/58
6. 100/60

Well this is a first and not at all surprising considering they both rejected the last flirt. Although for their scores to be identical, that was completely unexpected. So we look at their relationship with Mary.

3. 90/49
4. 56/33

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Fourth casualty-elimination is #4 Buddy Toall

Buddy: I don’t understand. I’m friends with everyone in the house. Everybody likes me.
Everybody doesn’t count at a time like this Bud, you only needed Mary to like you.
Buddy: So all those times I didn’t get in the hot tub with her and the other hormonally challenged guys was a bad move, huh?
You betcha! Not once did you get in the hot tub with her. I’m sorry to say but I’m seriously surprised you lasted this long.
Buddy: Like I said, everybody likes me.

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And he’s right, everyone stopped what they were doing to say good-bye to Mr. Popular Buddy Toall.

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Oh wow, Jack has that look yet again. This is going to get sticky, all three of the bachelors left are in the living room and all three have pink hearts for our girl.

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And there he goes, Jack gives a squeezy hug and Mary promptly loses a best friend. Good thing our girl here isn’t a popularity sim!

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Ouch, #3 Noel Edge wants to see Mary's ghost as he slaps her quite soundly.

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Next up #6 Juan Love doesn’t feel that strong of a resentment towards her just yet, but is mad enough to slap her rather roughly.

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Un-phased by the whole ordeal, our Bachelorette is still smiling. She’s kinda of scary actually, I mean she didn’t slap back nor did she get angry or cry!

Group Date - Hot Tub
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#5 Jack Indabocks is geared up for tonight’s one on one date. I’m surprised #6 Juan showed up to her request… I wonder where #3 Noel is.

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Sorry, Noel, I’ll just give you a moment. Once you’ve pulled yourself together, could you do us the honor of joining the rest of the household upstairs? Thanks!

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After the hot tub, everyone was very hungry, so I figured the kiss could wait a few hours. There is no rush for her to be rejected by two out of three men. What I found amusing in a twisted sort of way is #3 and #6 will no longer sit at the same table with the other two.

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#5 Jack Indabocks is such a romantic sim at heart, he is constantly hugging and flirting autonomously with our Bachelorette … which is what got us in to this trouble in the first place, but Jack doesn’t see it that way. In Jack’s eyes, he is simply eliminating the competition! Gosh now that everyone’s eaten, #6 Juan took off upstairs and is sleeping and #5 Jack is napping on the couch.

1 on 1 - Kiss Romantic
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#3 Noel was so upset with her that the kiss option was not available. Instead we opted for a flirt in order to perhaps boost their relationship just enough to achieve the kiss option; naturally he rejected her flirtatious ways. Just like that, Mary is no longer crushing on Noel. A girl can only take so much rejection after all.

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Wake up #6 Juan, lets get this kiss rejection over with. I know I’m being mean, but our Bachelorette needs some sleep too and we need to do this prior to bed time!

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And as predicted, #6 Juan Love has rejected the attempt at a romantic kiss by our lovely Bachelorette.

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Which is quite alright with our Bachelorette, since we saved the best for last! #5 Jack Indabocks comes through for us. Not that we had any doubt in our mind of course.

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Oh it is love at last, not just a crush but good old fashioned love. Gentle readers we have a true love connection!

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Oh and we finally have a buffet table chubby baby! Interesting look for you Juan, maybe you should have done a bit more bowling and a lot less stuffing your face.

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I gave our lovebirds a moment of privacy and what do they do? They have a pillow fight… they’re just smitten!

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At 3:11 PM, Blogger Beans said...

Buddy reminds me of a young Herb Oldie LOL *waving bye to Buddy* I'm surprised he lasted that long too.
Rut row. This looks like trouble. OH!! LOL, atta girl Mary. Don't let their jealous junk effect you. Just keep smiling! Looks like she's found the love of her life now, doesn't it?
Aww and it's love. I'd love to see the babies that these two could make together.

At 4:24 PM, Blogger ruby said...

(response to beans)
That would be right, dang you are so good! Buddy is an Oldie, don't remember which one, I think it is Herb, I'd have to go back to Jenn's Turn Back Time to tell you for sure.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Twoyys4me said...

aha.. I wondered when all the slapping would start! Poor Hugh.. these Sims just don't realise that slapping Mary seriously affects their relationship!

At 6:19 PM, Blogger tktrn99 said...

Looks like your bachalorette has found her soul-mate! Jack is suave - making the move in front of the other guys!

At 5:32 AM, Blogger Shaunna said...

Toobad for Buddy. And I was about to say he looked like Herb, but read Beans' comment. But ha! Too funny that he actualy is.

And Jack eh? Looks like we have a winner. On with day 6...


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