Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 6

Uncomfortable Silences:

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So um, whatcha watchin’? … silence huh, well two of us can play that game… *tapping foot* okay so you guys can play that game, its getting late and we have 3 mandatory flirts before noon! Mary go to your room, #6 follow her and stop pouting.

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Okay so three flirtation attempts were made to #6 Juan Love and promptly rejected as expected. He’s disgusted with her attempts and I’m not too thrilled with his new pear shape! heh! Next!

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Again, three flirtation attempts were made this time to #3 Noel Edge and also promptly rejected. He’s funny; it’s as if he can’t believe she would even consider flirting with him.

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#5 Jack Indabocks sat patiently while Mary Mipuhleze went and um, powdered her nose and then she broke in to song and serenaded him. He didn’t reject her or her advances and even stood up for the second two.

It's noon and time once again to take a look at the relationship numbers.

3. 51/24
5. 100/82
6. 33/31

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Fifth casualty-elimination is #6 Juan Love

Juan: I hate that Jack, who does he think he is stealing Mary from me like that. I outa kick his…
Okay there Juan darling, you got yourself a spare tire and he has earned about 3 body points bowling, who would kick who’s tushie here? Ya that is what I thought… maybe you should just get the paper and find a new place to call home. Maybe run a few laps or something…

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Your mother warned you not to make faces! This is why… and now your face is frozen this way for eternity… or at least until you leave the lot, which ever comes first.

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Um, okay so this time we’re standing around staring at each other. No problem, have another drink then meet up stairs in the hot tub one last time.

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Wow, wait I said to go upstairs, what the devil is going on here?

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Ah, I should have known Jack has things under control… and our Bachelorette has yet to lose her cool with all this slapping going around!

Group Date - Hot Tub
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Bachelorette: Let’s see, I’m a pleasure sim Aquarius. I came from Magic Beans Exotic Beauty Collection and my name is really Orchid. I have one name, like Cher and Madonna… and most importantly, I don’t regret doing this reality show like all I was afraid I would.

1 on 1 - Make Out
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Touching… really…#3 Noel, get out of the hot tub and wait upstairs for Orchid… er Mary… uh the Bachelorette. Its time for a little one on one dating action. I know we can’t always count on you #5… er Jack? What is your name anyhow? Jack? #5?

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Later upstairs with #3 Noel, we couldn’t even get him to cuddle in order to make out so we take this as a rejection and let him go on his not so merry way.

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At 3:14 PM, Blogger Beans said...

LMBO! Look at Juan's face!!! *waves bye to Juan*
Aww, parties over. Jack has obviously won. ;)
Wow, thanks for the plug there Ruby! :D

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Twoyys4me said...

Noel! Not Hugh! (dunno where I got that name from!). LOL.
Not much chance for Noel now I think...Shame... :)

At 6:23 PM, Blogger tktrn99 said...

Looks like it's all over but the formalities...will you keep playing the new couple? Juan's face - hehe! Good pic!

At 5:39 AM, Blogger Shaunna said...

LOL at the first pic! Looks like things are a little tense with the houseguests! Ha!

And you don't watch reality tv.


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