Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bachelor Day 04

The Blinding Pajamas:

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Guest host: Welcome to day 4, Mom is still not back. She took one look at the Bachelor's pajamas and got dizzy. So here I am, filling in again! This morning we have 2 flirts to do before noon. First upstairs is #5 Lara House. Juss is so sweet, he loves to flirt.

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And the girls love the attention. You may have had high scores yesterday at noon #3 Anne Wise, but I know my girl #6 Sankiro is going to do better today.

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As I was saying, there she is #6 Sankiro Itachi, swooning over our Bachelor.

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No one could resist the charms of our Bachelor today, including #1 Tiffany Stuart, the cold fish of yesterday.

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Close call that was, just after their flirt, #3 Anne came upstairs to tell Juss a dirty joke. Popularity sims are so demanding. They just want to be friends with everyone and think everyone should like them. Whatever.

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Did you have breakfast alone today Juss?
Juss: Yes, apparently my pajamas are too busy for them. I don't get it, I like them!
Me too! I picked them out for you... along with your undies. I like Mario Bros.
Juss: Wait, who are you? Where is the regular host?
I'm the daughter... I'm why you are here.
Juss: Right! My biggest fan. Nice to finally meet you. Its almost noon isn't it?

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Before we get to that, apparently someone has noticed the wedding arch that was left here from last season. That's right #3 Anne Wise, get use to that view.

It's noon and time once again to take a look at the relationship numbers.

1. 63/33
3. 100/37
5. 81/34
6. 100/50
7. 72/38
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Third casualty-elimination is #1 Tiffany Stuart

Tiffany: Whew, dodged a bullet on that one. I thought I would never leave that house!
Wait, you want to leave? I don't get it.
Tiffany: Hello, romance sim! I love romance and love love, but I don't want to get married, and that is where this show is headed... to that arch behind me. Not my style.
Then why did you sign up for this?
Tiffany: Do you have any idea how many people watch this show? Just think of all the romancers out there just waiting to meet me now that they've seen me in my panties. *swoon*

Group Date - Hot Tub
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Once again, a hot tub scene. *yawn* Bored. Can we move on? I mean seriously... wait, who are they talking about? Mary Indabocks? Has any of them even met her?

1 on 1 - Single Share Interest
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Juss: I am really looking forward to the seasons that are coming soon. I mean, dancing in the rain and throwing snowballs... its almost too good to be true.
Juss... I hate to burst your bubble, but you live in the desert... I don't think it rains much, let alone snows here. You'll have to move to another neighborhood. Want to move to Leander with me? Um, I mean... Next!

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And I'm back! Just in time to see my favorite #3 Anne Wise sharing interesting conversations with our Bachelor. Yes, I think you two should go on a cruise for your honeymoon! Splendid idea.

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So, #7 Francis Foster... I see you didn't make it to the hot tubs again today. *ahem* So, whatcha drinking? More alcohol I see... *biting tongue*

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Dessert? Food? Cha! As if that isn't her favorite subject already! I mean Oh My GAWD, look at the woman! What? Classes? I just came back! Oh bugger... again! Nooooo, I'm not going! *dragged off set*

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And night falls on another day at the mansion. We can see who the knowledge sim is... how funny, suddenly she wants to be a werewolf. Right, all that fuzziness will really get his attention. Not necessarily in a good way.

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At 6:58 AM, Anonymous *Sparkle*Sam* said...

franis kind of looks like fiano from sherek...but in orger form.


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