Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bachelor Day 02

First Farewell:

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Our Bachelor didn't manage to get to a table as quickly as the women did. He made himself comfortable at another table as #2 Sarah Bellum joins him for a private moment.

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Oh my, #6 Sankiro Itachi has managed to capture our Bachelor's interest. Yes, he finds you quite attractive #6.

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I just couldn't help myself. I had to post this one. If you take a good look, the Bachelor has decided to corner some women in to the restroom to play a little hackeysack. Only the maid is there to clean and one of the bachelorettes needs to use the facilities. It was nearing noon and I really needed to sort this out. The more I moved them, the more they kept coming back in. Sims, what can you do?

That is the mark of time. It's noon and time to take a look at the relationship numbers.

1. 47/13
2. 15/10
3. 36/16
4. 20/20
5. 24/12
6. 40/28
7. 24/21

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First casualty-elimination is #2 Sarah Bellum!

Sarah: The only real time we spent together was over breakfast. I'm obviously not competitive enough or I would have gotten more time with Juss. He's real sweet and I wish him luck.
Such a great sport she is. Will we see her next season?
Sarah: No thanks, I'm done with reality television. No offense to the network, but I will go back to the old fashioned way of finding myself a soul mate.

Group Date - Hot Tub
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These ladies have made their way in to the hot tub to be with the Bachelor. The others sat patiently waiting in the second hot tub for the one on one chats to start.

1 on 1 - Single Chat
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We seem to have a great conversation going on. Juss you smooth talking sim, you have her dazzled. Shall we move on to our next conversation?

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Oh not good, #4 Elma Munoz may have done well the first day and getting a prime spot in the hot tub, but we definitely have an "eh" of a conversation. Next!

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Gosh, #1 Tiffany Stuart has bored the man right out of his gourde. Definitely, NEXT!

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Ah saving best for last, clever sim that he is... and a wonderful conversation is had. Okay everyone is welcome to get out of the hot tubs and mingle, eat, drink... and what not.

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And this is a prime example of what not... these two are quickly becoming friends. Much to the joy of my daughter.

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Um, ladies.. there are beds upstairs. Ladies? Sims please note the beds on the second floor are much more comfortable than these chairs... hello? Why do I bother?

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And we end today with a bit of gossip. Did you know my favorite and my daughter's favorite are also two of our Bachelor's favorites? Neither did we... I made it up because I want it to be true. Time will tell if I'm right or just talking smack.

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